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I am very regretful that I cannot do more writing on the recent numerous shootings nationwide for legal reasons to protect myself and this blog. As you may know I am still tied up in a legal mess from having three emails sent under my name making threats to authorities. -- Due to this I cannot fulfill my function to provide information and comfort to any and all who seek plausible theories as alternatives to mainstream information. I will not cease in being dedicated to my readers and to providing help and info to those who feel there is something lacking in the official answers given. -- Don't let Liberty and good become dimmed and disappear forever under this recent all pervading darkness. Befitting lyrics from this old spiritual above: See if that rope fits me well/I'll try it on at the Gates of Hell -- BTW I'm not Christian but always take any writing or music that suites the purpose. -- Someday my right to freedom of speech will be restored. Please be patient.

The Author Is Dedicated To Readers and Principals

Any further threats using my name will be considered retaliation for whistleblowing as well as victim witnesses intimidation.



Please be advised that this written work of mine is only THEORY. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. I have no belief in anything posted here because if I did I would have had legal action taken by now-until that occurs this blog can only be considered theorizing.

For years I've had here a disclaimer that says I'm often sleep deprived when posting due to my lifestyle as a houseless Traveler (and my age as well as health issues). This should be taken into consideration when viewing my posts and vids on the connected YouTube channel.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ive been working on my cases on a local computer system Thats public.

I DO NOT expect any incident or trouble from this place as my relationship with this place and its employees has been not only long term(i used to be a private contractor with NO issues or recorded incidents) but has always been peaceable and friendly.

So dont even think about another email frame up. Everyone on my side or team is now prepared-legally and financially.

There should be NO PROBLEMS as well as theres been NO BLOGPOSTS in reference to anything.

Whistleblower Bradley Manning....What The Hell Happened??


Wow! Thats a hell of a price to pay for a reduced sentence


"The two acts of clemency were a remarkable final step for a president whose administration carried out an unprecedented criminal crackdown on leaks of government secrets. Depending on how they are counted, the Obama administration has prosecuted either nine or 10 such cases, more than were charged under all previous presidencies combined."