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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

FBI Agent Fires At Police At Planet Fitness-Grand Rapids, MI December 2016

"Dixon, a bartender at Founder's Brewing Co., has worked security at several bars in the area. He said he has dealt with a lot of intoxicated people over the years but said Hernandez's behavior was different."

"Dixon said he cannot make sense of the episode. He has seen all levels of drunks.

"I've never seen behavior like that.""

Who Is Behind Wikileaks?

Outsourced Intelligence: How the FBI and CIA Use Private Contractors to Monitor Social Media Thursday, June 13, 2013 By Stephen Benavides, Truthout | News Analysis

The CIA Illegally Let the Wrong People Do Intelligence Work, Declassified Report Finds By Jason Leopold April 27, 2016 | 1:25 pm

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Trump Won Because Leftist Political Correctness Inspired a Terrifying Backlash-What every liberal who didn't see this coming needs to understand- Robby Soave|Nov. 9, 2016 8:01 am

"I hope they see things a little more clearly now. The left sorted everyone into identity groups and then told the people in the poorly-educated-white-male identity group that that's the only bad one. It mocked the members of this group mercilessly. It punished them for not being woke enough. It called them racists."
(And females of this group who refuse modern 'feminism' like myself as feminism has become about everything but protecting and strengthening women.
Mass immigration leading to rape crime waves in Europe, feminists supporting males due to race or gender issues but villifying female sex workers.

Feminism has become, perhaps always was, a tool to break down society and manipulate women. Being reactionary is not strength. Running to gain support of under dog males to counter dominant males is not female centric or empowering.

These are the actions of weak women. Daddy's naughty little girls who forever acknowledge and VALIDATE the patriarchy by NEVER ENGAGING IN OR REALIZING THE NATURE OF TRUE FEMALE POWER.
And part of empowering women is to realize the value of male power relative to woman. Freedom lies in undoing the oppression of Abrahamic religions, institutions and history which continue to define women incorrectly and misinform women ABOUT WOMANHOOD as a recurring ploy to maintain power.

Feminism is a little girls game. A hide and seek with the reality of potentiallly terrifying male violence and oppression.
Which by the way many females support unknowingly.

Tell me this: how can we have feminism, PC and a 'progressive' society in civilian life when we now live in a militarized society and America has engaged in almost non stop war since its inception?

How can we support a war-for-profit Military(etc) Industrial Complex and at the same time demand people partake in etiquette and practices that supposedly bring peace to society? What about the continued polluting of the collective human environment by radiation spills, oil spills, waste, industry, planned obsolescence of technological gadgets and various other causes that come from our supposed first world quality of life (if you want to refer to this man made prison as that)?

The problem lies in making separate rules for society than for HUMANITY.

We as a western society are still victimized by the same old scams of the powers that be and compartmentalization of the world around us in our perception of it is but one of them.

Smart people on campuses live in bubbles. They dont know whats going on outside those bubbles. Ive experienced this over time, coming from Harvard Square around the university being one of my home bases as a traveler and before anti homelessness and anti activist policies became prominent in cities (most likely prompted by OCCUPY,Bradley Manning, Wikileaks and Snowden and the activists that present true threat to the agendas the public isnt familiar with) I frequented mostly collegiate cities.

What Ive seen over the years is very frightening especially the presence of lets say..forces on campuses to ensure the students remain in little fish bowls and do not stray from whatever propaganda is posted inside the institutions.

Its as if slowly these places have closed their doors to outsiders, by design systematically, to avoid young people fraternizing with anyone who can tell them WHATS REALLY GOING ON OUT HERE IN THE WORLD.

The left Liberal elites policies and actions may not have caused this-only made their contribution to it. Theres no telling if a change in guard like Trump will change what is possibly a long term agenda.
Censorship and control is necessary to accomplish that however.